Riding Instructors


Judy Heim- Farm Owner /Operator 
Head Riding Instructor
Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor  

Shelly -

Beginner/ Intermediate Riding Instructor
Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Facility Manager 

Shelly has been Training and Instructing @ Morning Star Farm for 9 years.

Kaitlyn- Intermediate / Advanced Riding 
Horse Show Trainer
Horse Trainer
Riding Team Coach


Riding Lessons

Morning Star Farm is Dedicated to the finest of training, in the kindest of ways.
We desire to create a friendly farmstead atmosphere while providing student development at the highest levels.


School Calendar Year

lessons during school hours for the Pre-schooler, The
Home Schooler and Adults at all levels of riding ability.
1/2 Hour Lesson .... One Hour Private ....

lessons for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Riders..

Beginning Riders ( age 7 & under )..........
We recommend a 1/2 hour private riding lesson. In a
short time the student will be riding independently
and know all the parts of the horse as well as all
the horses by name, breed and color. You will be

Beginning Riders ( age 8 & older ).........
We recommend an Hour long Small Group Lesson. Your
Child will learn from direct instuction and also from
watching other students following the trainer's instuction.

Intermediate to Advance Riders:
Includes a very excellent workout, both on the flat
and over fences, and preparation for competition.

Therapeutic Riding
Morning Star Farm announces their “Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program” is now available to the families of our community. Equine Assist Programs produce favorable results in Riders of all ages and is most effective in the nature of physical, mental and social development. The partnership formed between the horse or pony and rider is very beneficial. This Program is fun, safe and healthy, with a focus on the abilities as well as special needs of the rider.
Please call for more information @ (973) 579-1226

One Hour Group or Half Hour Private

Items Needed For Riding:
We will provide Safety Helmets
Once the rider is determined and committed to
continue riding on a regular basis, proper riding boots
are of the utmost importance and should be pruchased
soon there after.

Trails to Healing


An equine (horse) based program for children who have either suffered the loss of a parent, grandparent, sibling, friend, etc. or who are victims of bullying. The program, run by J.L. Apter Memorial Chapels, in conjunction with Morningstar Farm, offers children the opportunity to spend time learning how to groom and ride a horse. It is felt that the bond between an animal and a human is indescribable and, as children who are healing, the relationship may offer them an outlet for grief, not found elsewhere. Please e-mail us at trails2healing@ptd.net or call (973)383-3333 describing the situation the child is going through, along with your name (guardian/parent), contact phone numbers and an e-mail.

Home School Groups

  • Field Trips!   Free!
  • Group Lessons!
  • Family Discounted Prices!
  • Group Lesson Prices!
  • 2 Hour Sessions!
  • Learn All Aspects of Horse Riding, Horse Care, Horse Health and Horse Safety!
*  Ask about our "Weekend Getaway"!   Overnight Arrangements made at the lovely "Inn At Panther Valley"


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